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Living like the great explorers!

With   the   Kolonial-Nestle   you   are   opting   for   a   lavishly   furnished   apartment   with   solid   wooden and    deep    brown    pieces    of    furniture    whose    authenticity    in    style    instantaneously    conveys    a colonial flair. The richness in lifestyle of former imperialists comes out in numerous accecoires. Both   of   the   “Kolonial”   apartments   are   located   on   the   3.   level   (45   stairs)    and   each   is   ideally made   for   2   people .   Thanks   to   a   sofa   bed   in   the   living   room   the   apartment   can   accomodate   up to   3   or   even   4   people   (3   adults   max.   or   2   adults   +   2   little   children   max.).   The   dining/   living   room has   a   wide   window   area   facing   southwards   as   well   as   the   private   terrace    in      view   of   the close   by   castle   ruin   of   Veringenstadt.   After   eventful   days   spent   outdoors   in   the   spectacular nature of the Swabian Alps, this is the perfect place to enjoy life and leisure over a glass of wine.

Kolonial-Nestle 1

Kolonial-Nestle 2