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feriennestle burgblick

alb-nestle (cupola)

Holidays in the Swabian Alps’ Penthouse

The    domed    structure    forms    the    roof    of    the    4-storeyed    vacation    apartment    building    and constitutes   its   highlight:   From   far,   the   “cupola”   contributes   to   a   remarkable   silhouette;   however, its   real   character   is   only   revealed   on   entering.   The   picturesque   backdrop   of   limestone   beneath   a thick   forest   and   the   juniper   heath   of   the   Swabian   Alps   define   the   atmosphere   of   this   vacation rental. The   Alb-Nestle   is   an   exclusive   vacation   rental   for   max.   2   persons   with   private   all-around- terrace    that   offers   a   delightful   sight   over   the   little   historic   town   Veringenstadt   ant   the   nearby castle.   Inside   the   apartment   you   will   find   a   fully   equipped   kitchen,   a   comfortable   living   room with   a   large   smart-tv,   as   well   as   a   separate   bathroom   and   bed   room   (double   bed   with 1,60m in width). We sincerely invite you to spend your holidays in a unique and exceptional vacation rental. (Please   take   into   consideration,   that   the   cupola   is   located   on   the   4th   level    (60   steps)   without   an elevator - the view will pay off.)