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Laucherttal The    beautiful    cycling    tracks    and    hiking    paths    of    the lovely   Laucherttal   in   different   longitudes   invite   you   to experience nature. They   are   well-signposted   and   lead   to   different   points   of interest, resting spots and barbecue areas. You   can   get   a   bicycle   map   and   hiking   map   at   the   city administration of Veringenstadt. More hiking tips you also get at www.laucherttal.de
Donautal The   close   by   Donautal   offers   many   attractive   leisure activities   such   as   guided   canoe   rides,   rental   boats,   rock climbing     in     different     difficulty     levels,     hiking     paths through   marvelous   nature   or   a   ride   on   the   “Naturpark- Express” (discovering the Donautal by train). For   culture   vultures   a   visit   at   the   diverse   fortresses   and castles   of   the   region   like   “Burg   Wildenstein”,   “Schloss Sigmaringen”   or   “Kloster   Beuron”   (monastery)   will   pay off greatly. Valuable   information   and   tips   about   all   these   tourist destinations and attractions you get at www.donautalurlaub.de    and www.naturpark-obere-donau.de
Traufgänge - Premium hiking trails Hiking    lovers    should    not    miss    out    a    trip    into    the Donautal.   There   you   can   choose   between   5   premium hiking   trails   -   the   so   called   “DonauFelsenLäufe”.      It   is not    for    nothing    that    the    upper    Donautal    (”Oberes Donautal”)     is     also     called     the     “Swabian     Grand Canoyon”. You   can   do   the   hiking   tours   by   yourself   or   guided   by official tour guides. www.tourenguide-oberedonau.de The   7   Traufgänge   and   the   2   premium   winter   hiking trails   on   the   Swabian Alps   are   very   beautiful   as   well. All of    them    are    pretty    close    to    Albstadt    Ebingen    and provide   all   facets   that   make   up   the   typical   “Swabian Alps experience”. www.traufgaenge.de www.schwaebischealb.de Yet   another   great   hiking   adventure   is   experienced   on the     3     premium     hiking     trails     “HochAlbPfade”     at Meßstetten    whgich    present    themselves    in    different themes. www.hochalbpfade.de www.messstetten.de  
Swabian Alps Biospehere Reserve The      “Biosphärengebiet      Schwäbische     Alb”      is      a Biosphere    Reserve    of    about    85.270    ha    which    was established as such by the UNESCO in May 2009.   Biosphere    Reserves    are    broad    cultural    landscapes      that   demonstrate   how   activities   in   economy,   settlement and   tourism   can   be   cultivated   in   unison   with   nature’s and environmental requirements. All   kinds   of   information   provides   the   modern   centre   of the     Swabian     Alps     Biosphere     Reserve     with     its interactive exhibition on approx. 450 m² in Münsingen. www.biosphaerengebiet-alb.de
Culture Schloss Sigmaringen (Castle) http://www.schloss-sigmaringen.de/homepage.html Burg Hohenzollern (fortress) http://www.burg-hohenzollern.com/startpage.html Kloster Beuron (monastery) www.erzabtei-beuron.de Burg Wíldenstein (fortress) www.burgwildenstein.de Campus Galli Live experience of the Middle Ages Step   by   step   the   monastery   city   Campus   Galli   arises   in a   forest   close   to   Meßkirch.   It   is   built   by   craftsmen   and volunteers   only   using   material   and   working   ways   of   the 9th century. A piece of history comes alive. www.campus-galli.de
Caves Wimsener Höhle (Wimsener Cave) The   Wimsener   Cave   in   Hayingen   is   one   of   the   main attractions of the “Geopark Swabian Alps”. This    famous    natural    monument    is    Germany’s    only “active”    water    cave.    730m    of    this    underwater    cave have   been   discovered   -   70m   can   be   traversed   by   a Nachen-boat.   At   such   boat   trips   competent   ferrymen and   cave   guides   explain   all   about   the   cave’s   formation, history and geology. http://www.naturerlebnis- hayingen.de/cms/ausflugsziele_6.html Bärenhöhle (cave of bears) The   “Bärenhöhle”   is   a   very   interesting   dripstone   cave. It   owes   its   name   to   the   many   skeleton   discoveries   of former   cave   bears.   Many   of   those   findings   can   still   be admired in that cave today. Nebelhöhle (cave of mist) This   cave   is   counted   to   the   dripstone   caves   as   well.   It is   seen   as   one   of   the   most   beautiful,   oldest   and   longest caves of the Swabian Alps. www.hoehlenwelten-sonnenbuehl.de
Winter sports Even   though   our   vacation   rentals   are   not   located   in   a typical   winter   sports   area,   the   winter   here   can   be   very attractive. Premium hiking trails winter   - - Schneewalzer3 - - Wintermaerchen2 Ski-Lifts in    Albstadt     Ebingen,     Winterlingen,     Hettingen     and Neufra http://www.tsv-hettingen.de/ski/ http://www.wsv-ebingen.de/skilift-ebingen/skilift.html Loipes (Cross-country ski-tracks) in   Veringenstadt,   Bingen,   Gammertingen,   Neufra   and Bitz Tobogganing in Hettingen, Albstadt Ebingen, Meßstetten, … More     information     about     all     ski-lifts,     loipes     and tobogganing possibilities you get at: https://de.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Wintersport_auf_der_Sc hw%C3%A4bischen_Alb There   you   also   get   information   about   all   other   known as   well   as   exceptional   winter   activities   like   ice-scating, snowshoeing,  snow-kiting or  dog-sled rides.
Other, … Open Air Stages Open Air Theater “Naturtheater Hayingen” www.naturtheater-hayingen.de/ Open Air Theater “Waldbühne Sigmaringendorf” www.waldbuehne.de/ Bathing facilities “Badkap” in Albstadt Ebingen (indoor waterpark and sauna area) www.badkap.de “Albthermen-Bad” in Bad Urach (indoor) www.albthermen.de/en Bathing Beaches in Krauchenwies (outdoor) with artificial sand beach www.strandbad-krauchenwies.de Lake of Constance reachable in around 1 hour by car Leisure paradise “Freizeit-Paradies Seepark Linzgau” (outdoor)   Swimming,   bathing,   water   skiing,   soccer-golf, Adventure Animal Park with western activities, … www.pfullendorf.de/seepark
Towns Sigmaringen reachable in 15 min by car Tübingen reachable in ca. 50 min by car Metzingen - Outletcity reachable in about 1 hour by car Stuttgart reachable in about 1 ½ hour by car Rottenburg reachable in about 1 hour by car Ulm reachable in about 1 ¼ hour by car Überlingen at the Lake Constance reachable in about 1 hour by car
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