feriennestle burgblick Veringenstadt on the Swabian Alps Located in the valley of the Lauchert, the small idyllic village of the Swabian Alps Veringenstadt is found between the provincial capital Stuttgart (80 km) and the Lake Constance (60 km) or the “Bodensee” as the German call it, right at the Hohenzollern Route (”Hohenzollernstraße”).    Unimposing, yet exceptionally appealing, the village owes its unique charm primarly to the high baroque half-timber houses, the castle-ruin Veringen looking over its rooftops, as well as the oldest city hall of the Hohenzollern (1503) or the Strübhaus (1500) - former home of the significant artist family Strüb.      Besides a walkabout through the old part of town, tourists might also like to follow a footpath along the Lauchert brook to discover the local flora and fauna (”Uferpfad Lebendige Lauchert”) or take the historical route (”heimatgeschichtlicher Rundweg”) with different stations to learn more about this small town and its history. As to that the Veringen caves “Nokolaushöhle” and “Göpfelsteinhöhle” reached by another circular route (”Höhlenrundweg”), as well as the castle-ruin with parts of the old town walls are also worth a visit.    If you also want to get to know the surroundings better, there is a wide range of diverse hiking  paths and cycling tracks around Veringenstadt.  Take a break from everyday life and find the ideal combination of peace, nature, possibilities for outdoor activities and great position for many tourist attractions.   Here you can find more information about Veringenstadt (unfortunately only in German.)
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